What camera I'm using

tl;dr: a Fujifilm X100F.

I've bought an almost new (less than 500 shots) Fujifilm X100F, taking the risk of having it sent with an international courier. My courage paid off.

I wanted something that I couldn't expand, no additional lenses or other accessories; I wanted an all-in-one solution to always bring with me, without caring of what would be the best fit for a situation or always affecting my (already low) budget to buy a better piece for it. Also, I wanted something really small, and this, amazingly, I can fit it into a pocket - maybe not a jeans' pocket but still.

So far, I am incredibly happy with my choice. I had the chance before to use an elder model (X100S) and this upgrade made my new toy perfect for my needs. It is still of course early for a full review - which I won't do anyway and you can find everywhere online. You can read more about the model here.

Of course I took the black one :)

"Oh, I didn't know you're into photography as well!"

I actually forgot too, indeed.

In my life, I've always had the passion for photography; thanks to my dad's cameras I've been able to play and take pictures, with decent results. For a not-so-short period of time then, photography became a (not-so) part time job, which meant spending a lot of spring-summer-fall weekends taking wedding pictures. I am proud of what I've done; nonetheless, I slowly started experiencing a small repulsion towards the camera.

After years of useless iPhone photography for Instagram, I felt like stepping again inside this world. I've been managing the photography team at the International Journalism Festival and been jealous of happy girls and guys shooting around.

So, here I am, years after, with a new camera, without any goal, any pressure. Just fun.